Wow, I’m behind on blogging books. A couple weeks ago, I read Dawn, Adulthood Rites, Imago, Cairo: A Graphic Novel and Chicken with Plums

Dawn, Adulthood Rites and Imago are all part of Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis trilogy, which is about an alien species that reinvigorates the human race after a massive catastrophe. I read these because I enjoyed Kindred so much, and they’re arguably the most famous of Octavia Butler’s works. I wasn’t blown away. It’s certainly imaginative - no run of the mill aliens here, and the writing is strong, but the stories didn’t hook me the same way Kindred did. Also, there’s a lot of nonconsensual sex in these books - it’s not portrayed as rape, but it’s pretty squicky if you’re someone who is invested in consent culture.

Chicken with Plums is a graphic novel by Marjane Satrap, the author of Persepolis. Similar art style, different in subject material - it focuses on an Iranian musician and his relationship with his music, his instrument, and his desire to die. A little morbid, but good. 

Cairo: A Graphic Novel is by G. Willow Wilson, who I had heard great things about. It was great - good art, fun story arc, an interesting mix of characters and a fast read.  Definitely reading more of her work.