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Publications: Law

  • Kendra Albert, Accidental Abolition?: Section 230’s Elimination of State Criminal Law and Abolition Feminism, forthcoming in Feminist Cyberlaw, 2022.
  • Kendra Albert & Avatara Smith-Carrington, Bomb Body Politics: On the TSA’s Algorithmic Policing of Gender, forthcoming in University of Florida Journal of Law & Public Policy, 2022.
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Publications: Peer Reviewed

  • Kendra Albert & Maggie Delano, Algorithmic Exclusion, under submission for Handbook of Critical Studies of Artificial Intelligence, 2022.
  • Kendra Albert & Maggie Delano, Sex Trouble: Sex/Gender Slippage, Sex Confusion, and Sex Obsession in Machine Learning Using Electronic Health Records, Cell Patterns, 2022.
  • Kendra Albert, Maggie Delano, Bogdan Kulynych, & Ram Shankar Siva Kumar, Adversarial for Good? How the Adversarial ML Community’s Values Impede Socially Beneficial Uses of Attacks, ICML 2021 Workshop on the Promises and Perils of Adversarial Machine Learning, 2021.
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