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Hey there! I’m Kendra Albert, and I'm almost a lawyer. I work with Marcia Hofmann at Zeitgeist Law in San Francisco. I’m also an affiliate at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, where I worked for two years as a research associate. During law school, I worked at CloudFlare, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Public Citizen. My pronouns are they/theirs.

On the broadest level, I’m interested in intermediary liability, platforms, gender, video games and intellectual property. My work on linkrot has been published in the Harvard Law Review Forum and written up in the New York Times.

I tweet at @KendraSerra. I blog semi-regularly about things I've been thinking about. Reach me by email at kendra dot serra at riseup dot net or kendra dot serra at gmail dot com. My PGP key, should you want it, is accessible from the side bar.

Photo by Britta Gustafson.