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After the election of Donald Trump, I started running a matching program for trans people who need to update their names and/or gender markers on their documentation, specifically passports. Between November 2016 and March 2017, we matched donors and folks in need for more than $95,000.

Why passports?
Because getting a passport is currently the easiest way to get a government id that matches your name and gender marker. Under the Obama administration's policy, you can get a passport with an updated gender marker by submitting a letter from your doctor. If you are updating your name, you also need an order for name change. Passport policy is under the president's control, so this could shift at any time. So helping people get accurate documentation is vital.

Why individual matching?
It's fast, and prevents there from being a trust problem with giving me your money. Also, individual connections can be more warm and fuzzy.

Wow, that's super personal info. What are you doing to secure it?
The data is currently stored on Google Drive to facilitate collaboration, but everyone who has access has two factor authentication on and has been personally vetted by me.

I manage all emails personally, and they are hosted on servers owned by the Riseup Collective. You can use PGP to email me if you'd like. I make a personal guarantee to delete donor matching data within a month of a match, and to not use the data for anything other than matching or connecting people with resources.

Edited to add on 12/23: after deleting some matching data, we're finding that a month is too soon - some folks who need help are in positions where people haven't gotten back to them and the records are helpful for ensuring that that gets taken care of. I've stopped deleting data at the moment, and will reassess in another month. However, I do still promise to delete data as soon as is practicable, or at the very least, at the close of this project.

That's awesome! I want to donate!
Wow, much appreciated. I'm no longer running this project. You can give to our sister project Remember Trans Power-- Fight for Trans Lives Passport Fund or give directly to a trans-empowering organization. I particularly like the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.