Kendra Albert




Ally Skills Workshops


After the election of Donald Trump, I started running a matching program for trans people who need to update their names and/or gender markers on their documentation, specifically passports. Between November 2016 and March 2017, we matched donors and folks in need for more than $95,000.

We focused on passports because getting an updated passport is currently the easiest way to get a government id that matches your name and gender marker. Under the Obama administration, you can get a passport with an updated gender marker by submitting a letter from your doctor. Passport policy is under the president's control, so this could change at any time. So helping people get accurate documentation is vital.

Over the course of the three months, we were able to help many trans people update their documentation. If you're curious about the thought process behind the project or why I ended it, I talk a bit about that on a podcast episode with Diana Kimball and Lisa Sanchez called "Should We Give Away Other People's Money?"

Although I'm no longer running this project, there are still other projects helping trans people that could use financial support. You can give to the Trans Assistance Project, Trans Lifeline/ or the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.